Insu Jeon
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RippleAI is a startup company from SNUVL (Seoul National University's Vision and Learning Lab), a leading lab in AI, computer vision, and natural language processing. The company offers various AI solutions for Social Networking Services (SNS), such as video content tagging, editing, and production:
  • ClipFlow: Helps create short-form videos by extracting highlights and post-processing them with professional video editors.
  • Clipper: An AI service that identifies cutting points and meta tags by understanding elements like characters, voices, and events in video content.
  • Pado: A SaaS service that provides all of RippleAI's technologies, including speech recognition and highlight extraction, through open APIs.
Insu Jeon (the owner of this gitbook) worked as a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at RippleAI, developed an SNS comment-generating bot based on multi-modal user inputs, and contributed to acquiring investment from the TIPS program in the early period of the startup company's growth. He managed a team of 9 developers, engineers, and interns.